Monday, June 13, 2016

06-07-16 to 06-13-16 Hola, me llamo Elder Welch y Soy un misionero de La Iglesia de Jesucristo...‏

Hey everyone.  Thanks for your prayers.  I think God sent me angels to pump me up this week thanks to all of you.  We had a pretty good week.  

So this week I kind of just got to a point where I was frustrated and we knocked every door haha.  In this mission, we normally try and do everything possible to find before we knock doors because it's just not that effective, but we got to the point where nothing else works so we're on plan Z haha. 

Tuesday we had a district meeting, and I think Elder Zubiria, my Argentine buddy in the other area noticed my stress because he said "Elder, transfers are in a week and you still haven't done divisions with us.  Tomorrow?" so

Wednesday we had divisions with Elder Zubiria and his comp Elder Mamani.  Wow, it was just what i needed.  Just a nice break and we knocked a TON of doors.  It was fun, haha we played a game "Knock on the RICHEST house you can find".  So we went to the richest neighborhood in my area and went crazy.  You'd be surprised, these people are richer than a lot of people in the states.  Radio door bells and everything haha.  But we actually found a few nice people.  It was a fun, relaxing day.  Oh, I also hit 20 months in the mission.  NO

Thursday was pretty alright.  We had 2 lessons, one with Nu and one with Pa.  I'm kind of worried about Nu, she seems like she's kind of losing her marbles.  She says she sees people before she dies and stuff.  What ever.  Pa has been hard to find lately because he works like crazy.  Poor guy, he works like 14 hours a day 6 days a week and makes 60,000 pesos every 15 days.  That's only 20 bucks in 2 weeks.  I feel pretty privileged in the states.  It was kind of a painful lesson, we were teaching him about the Sabbath, but my comp wasnt paying attention and he started talking about Noah when i let him talk... when he finished i straight up said "i have no idea where you were going with that."  haha... oh no. 

Friday Ramirez and i just knocked doors like crazy!  Ding dong! Hello!  My name is Elder Welch! And we would like to share with you a book of Jesus Christ!

Saturday we had a mission activity in the branch called "master chef".  How it went was people brought a dish and we chose 5 judges (investigators and recent converts) that tried every dish and chose a winner.  After, we distributed the food and socialized.  It went really well, and i made Bungalow sweet crepes!  Felt good to flip again! 

Sunday nothing really happened worth noting.  We had a FHE with some members and knocked doors. 

Today is the last PDay of the transfer, and elder Zubiria goes home next week, so we got together and had a cook out and ate steaks.  It was a good time. 

So yeah, there's my week!  Love you all! 

Elder Welch

"A cool fruit called Carambolo"

 "I made crepes for an activity!  Felt good to flip again!"
Jake worked at a reception center before his 
mission where he was a "Master Crepe Flipper" :)

 "The activity.  We called it "master chef""

"Poor mans barbeque"

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