Tuesday, June 21, 2016

(don't remember the dates) IPIALES‏

So I don't really have anything to say about this last week.  But it doesn't matter because I got a MIRACLE transfer.  I got transferred to IPIALES AS A ZONE LEADER!  I'm gonna finish my mission where I started! And even crazier, I'm companions with Elder Herrera, who also started his mission in Ipiales and we lived in the same house!  He goes home after this transfer some I'm "killing" him. (Mission Lingo).  

Our house is super rad, it has couches, which makes it the only house in the whole mission.  (don't laugh at me U.S. missionaries).  But it's cool to be back.  I'm COLD and today i saw my old mission leader Albert, and my Pensionista is the brother of Gyovani, my old investigator.  Crazy to be back.  But needless to say, I'm excited to be here.  Finally I can work hard and have a comp that helps out :)  Thanks for the prayers.  Sorry I don't really have much to say.  Hope your week is super! 

p.s. for those that don't remember, Ipiales is a small indigenous town on the border of Ecuador, (like 2 hours south of Pasto).  My area is the old part so it has a TON of character, and a ton of old people in ponchos and fedoras haha.  It's super traditional.
Love you all!
Elder Welch
He sounds a lot more excited to be in Ipiales now that he's experienced other areas of the mission :) He served in Ipiales for about 4 months the first time around and I think he thought it was a little too safe and quiet, haha. It's funny how a little excitement (and heat) can make you appreciate the simple life. I've attached a couple of old pictures that include some of the people he mentioned in this email.  -Wendy

 Albert, who was the ward mission leader, is in red.
Elder Herrera is back row on the right.

This is Gyovani and his family.

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