Monday, August 1, 2016

07-25-16 to 08-01-16 See ya Herrera, hey Miranda

So this was the last week of Elder Herrera, so not gonna lie... kinda trunky.  Everything we did was like a glimpse into my future in 6 weeks. 

Monday we started good finding a new investigator that happens to be from my old area in Pasto!  Elder Roman is teaching his wife!  He's a really good man, and has a lot of desire to change.  I hope we can help him!  I also got GREAT news from Pasto!  Alvaro and Nora, the couple i was teaching in Pasto got baptized!  I'm so happy!

Tuesday We had interviews with president.  It was interesting because we had to do it over Skype due to the distance.  That took just about all day because we as zone leaders had to wait until EVERYONE was done.  Long day! Also, Cris is doing really well.  She wants to get baptized so we need some prayers to soften her husbands heart so they can get married!

Wednesday we had interviews via skype and they took all morning.  I'm starting to feel like an experienced missionary because everything they taught us we're already doing.  Veterans!  That day we also had to do some boring errands, and take pics of all the missionaries houses to show sister Pricoli that theyre cleaning haha its like large scale baby sitting.  Some good news is the Munoz mom told us that she's GETTING MARRIED!! she told her fiancè "if you wanna marry me, you need to come to church with me" and he accepted.  I LOVE ETERNAL FAMILIES!

Thursday we had our last district meeting all together , and we had a branch activity.  Turns out, the whole branch planned a surprise "goodbye party" for Elder Herrera.  It was touching, especially because all our investigators shared how much we changed their lives.  I'M SO GRATEFUL!

Friday was Elder Herrera's last day.  So we basically ran all over saying bye to everyone, writing letters, rushing last minute prep errands etc etc.  Safe to say i was FULL from all the food haha. 

Saturday we said bye to Elder Herrera bright and early.  He's been a good comp.  Now his day has come.  Scaryy!! So I stayed all day with Elder Montgomery and we helped some other missionaries with a baptism that night.  The zone is having lot's of success!! 

Sunday was kind of a bummer... no one came to church!  But they all had good excuses.  Sadly we have to bump the Muñoz' families date back a week.  But Sunday the transfers came!  Half the zone left, and now my last comp is Elder Miranda.  Still don't know him, he gets here at 9 tonight, but it's official. 

Today starts the first day of my last transfer.  Holy cow.  I just wanna let you all know, that all i know how to do is be a missionary, and i'll keep doing what missionaries do until they tell me to stop.  I'm gonna work SO HARD this transfer.  For the glory of the Lord! 
Elder Welch

 "House revisions haha"
(I think this is the "take pics of all the missionaries 
houses" he referred to. Looks like he made the best of it.)

 "The Galàn District"

 "YUMMY!  COW CUTS!  (that's the tongue in my left hand)"

"us and the cemetery behind us" 

 "Knocking doors!"

 "Your typical "Mission walking pic""

 "Plaza 20 de Julio"

"Bye E'Herrera!"

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