Monday, August 8, 2016

08-01-16 to 08-08-16 Last new start with Elder Miranda

Well, this week was my last new start with a new comp.  And i'm not gonna lie, it's been challenging! 

Monday night Elder Miranda arrived from Cali around 10:30pm.  He's from Arequipa Peru, and we get along pretty well!  He's got a good sense of humor, and is obedient, and takes the initiative in many occasions.  I don't have any reason to complain! 

Tuesday we started our first real day of the transfer working.  We had a few lessons, in particular, one with a less active named Brother Q.  He's a pretty good dude, just kind of distanced because he lives in a sort of tucked away place on the edge of the city, where no one visits and he lives alone.  So we're gonna start working with him to get him all happy again.  We also visited with E.  He's not doing so good.  He's out of work and is scared for the future.  So we had to share about overcoming times of trouble.  He's doing a bit better now. 

Wednesday was one of those slow days that doesn't really happen too often.  We walked all over the city knocking on every door that i remotely remember Elder Herrera taking me to, and we found NO ONE.  We did get to teach San a bit about the scriptures and teach the Muñoz family about the Family Proclamation to the World.  San isn't progressing very well, and i'm afraid we may not keep teaching him.  He's a tough egg to crack.  The Muñoz family is still doing very very well!  They're 100 % excited for their baptism the 20th of this month!  Pray for them so that everything goes smoothly! 

Thursday was rough.  So to avoid walking as much as we did Wednesday, we decided to look for some new people using the "potential investigators" form left in the area book.  We are just having such a hard time finding people in their houses in the afternoon!  NO ONE in Ipiales likes to stay in their houses in the afternoon.  But we just keep searching and contacting!

Friday was a lot better.  We had the chance to have quite a few more lessons.  One in particular we taught the family we found last Sunday.  They're a good family, but the mom is one of those SUPER dramatic Christians that is way over the top and tries too hard.  It's kind of frustrating because she makes the things harder than they are.  We tried teaching the Restoration.  But she kept changing the subject and kept talking about the drug addicts in the street.  But we're gonna keep trying with them because they're a married couple which is rare in Colombia hahaha. 

Saturday was interesting haha we started the day doing service in an English institute.  An eternal investigator from the Ipiales ward that i met when i started the mission asked for my help, so i went and they had the students ask me all sorts of questions in English to practice like "what is the main dish in Utah"  and i answered stuff like "hamburgers and pizza".  Nahh just kidding haha i said strawberries and honey are the 2 biggest.  right? 

Sunday was great! We had 8 investigators come to church, among them the Muñoz family. Made us happy!  haha but i witnessed first hand an act of pure apostasy.  In the announcements the branch counselor said "as the first of the month we're going to "present" the new children." (he meant bless when he said present.  I don't know where got present from). So E, our investigator that got baptized as a kid but they lost his records got excited because it was the first time he had brought his little boy to church!  So he got up and took his son to the front and all the priesthood leaders sat him down! Next thing i know, they're having E put his hands on his sons head! Assuming he's a member! When they realized he didnt know how to bless, the counselor offered to bless him. But E stood in the circle. Elder Miranda and I were shocked and embarrassed and didn't know what to do.  Stand up and say NOOOO or stay quiet? But it happened. APOSTASY! 
But hey it was an interesting week. 

Pray for us so we can find new people, we're trying really hard!  But i know the Lord will bless us. We're busy, happy and obedient. That's really all the Lord asks of us. 
Love you all!  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!

Elder Welch

 "Last pic with the zone! Transfer day!"

 "The streets of Ipiales"

 "The Nariño country side"

"Me and Elder Miranda"

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