Monday, August 15, 2016

08-07-16 to 08-15-16 Leadership Council and the Muñoz's baptism prep!

This week has been pretty good!  Only bummer was losing 3 days to leadership council but that's just part of being a zone leader. 

Monday night we had a really good lesson with the Muñoz family.  So we showed up, expecting to just teach them, but their land lord and her family were there talking with them about some problems they had with the neighbor.  When they all started going, the mom was like "NO STAY!  Sit down and listen for a minute!" So they all stayed and we taught about the Sabbath day.  The mom was all sharing her testimony with them and stuff and the whole family was just super happy!  She is honestly super strong in her conversion at this point! 

Tuesday bright and early, we went to the station and took our 12 hour bus to Cali.  Like always... long.  Haha. 

Wednesday was Leadership Council.  It was really good.  President shared with us the story of the young rich man in Mark 10 that asked "what lack I yet?" and how the Lord asked him to sell all his possessions and consagrate (Spanish for: "devote yourself") his life to the ministry of Jesus Christ.  President told us that we need to do the same, and leave behind all our weaknesses, and worldly desires to be consagrated ministers of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  I really liked it. 

Thursday we got on our bus and headed back to Ipiales.  But BLECK it took SO long!  There was another protest/blockade in Popayan (3 hours south of Cali) so instead of taking 3 hours to get there, it took 10 hours.  Since a good few hours was completely dead in traffic, the whole bus got off in a village called "Tunia" in the department of Cauca.  We just chilled out until the police sorted everything out.  The whole bus ride took 17 hours.  Safe to say i was tired.

Friday I was kind of stressed for the billion things we had to organize in the zone but we got everything sorted out and up to date and got to teach.  Some good news is E has his baptismal pictures from when he was 8 so we just need some of the witnesses that were present in his baptism to officially re-register him as member!  We're excited we've made that step! 

Saturday I gave my last zone meeting.  Hard for me to accept or even realize but i did it.  It went well, good teaching, videos, powerpoints, participation etc.  Saturday we honestly didn't have many lessons but me and my comp made an extra effort to contact all the families that we came across.  We found some REALLY solid families!  We're excited about them! Honestly lately it's been getting harder to not be just a little bit trunky, but working hard has kept me on track :) 

Sunday the Muñoz family all came to church which means they're all on track for their baptism Friday!  That night we visited them and passed over the baptism plans and the interview they're gonna have Tuesday with Elder Bennett.  The mom took advantage of the time to resolve ALL her doubts.  We repassed Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, tithing and the word of wisdom.  All set!  She said she's been having a lot of challenges lately tempting her to get discouraged about her decision, but she's kept firm in her faith.  Their baptism will be Friday at 6pm.  Pray that all will go well! 

Something sad is that Last night, the assistants called to inform me of an "extra-official transfer."  Elder Guedes got sent to Cali for his last 4 weeks.  Kind of awful to do that to him especially because this weekend he had 2 baptisms, but the Lord knows what he's doing.

So all is well, and I'm happy!  Love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Welch
When I wrote Jake this week I told him his expected homecoming date for Sacrament Meeting (September 18th). He said he wants to give a "killer talk" :) and he also said, "i'm kinda nervous about the whole English thing though haha wednesday i talked to a sister senior missionary from Provo, and it was SO hard to talk in a polite and formal manner in English! im used to talking to missionaries is all in English, and we usually talk like good friends mixed with Colombian phrases in spanglish haha like "sup bro, good or what?" hahaha

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