Monday, August 22, 2016

08-15-16 to 08-22-16 Finding and teaching

So this week has been a good one!  We're finally starting to find new people and have cool experiences again! 

Monday night while we waited for Elder Vallena's companion to arrive, we were in trio until late.  We taught one of his investigators because our appointments fell, and he had an important one set.  We talked baptism with one of his investigators named Je that's been progressing a lot more.  It was a good lesson, but she's not ready.  She doesn't have much of a testimony of the Book of Mormon which is kind of important. 
That night while walking, we saw the son of some members (He's like 30 and i think he has autism) and he was chasing some people down the hill!  He got down and picked up a HUGE rock and hucked it and almost hit a truck!  The truck swerved to dodge it and i thought it was gonna roll on that hill!  Crazy stuff!  I never did find out why that was happening haha.

Tuesday was a good day.  We had our last correlation meeting with our mission leader because they're already releasing him!  I'm ticked!  He's the best leader ive had in my whole mission and they only had him in for a month!  or less!  But hey, it's because he has a stake calling in seminary.  That afternoon, a rich member that has a strip mall in the main plaza asked for a blessing because i guess he had a sketchy experience that night with an evil spirit or something and he said it left him with a weird weak feeling over him.  That night was supposed to be the Muñoz's baptismal interview, but the mom came and said that her fiancé didnt want to give permission for the daughters to get baptized until he comes from Bogota next week.  He really wants to be there.  So we're gonna wait another week.... sigh. 

Wednesday we did house revisions.  My last one!  It's always fun revising houses, i feel like a cop. We found some movies, books (not approved books) and stuff like that.  Normally the missionaries arent very pleased when we take their things but hey, gotta do it.  what ever!  Obedience is better than popularity! 

Thursday we had a ton of appointments!  busy all day!  We're getting really close to reactivating a family, and E is REALLY close to being registered as a member.  We have his pictures and the witnesses and everything (from his original baptism).  We're excited!  That night we visited the Muñoz family and resolved some doubts that her husband had.  Stuff like "in what name are my daughters getting baptized!? JOSEPH SMITH'S?!" haha people always condemn doctrines they have no idea about.

Friday we had a lesson with a family we contacted in the street the other day named Ja and Y. Turns out Ja was baptized in 2004!  They're super cool and really open.  He wants to get back into the church and wants his family to learn about it too.  We're excited about them!  That afternoon we taught a new kid we met the other day and I guess he's from this weird church called "Light of the World" that believes in an apostle named Nason Joaquin Garcia.  They believe stuff like how women need to cover their heads when they pray and that they shouldn't play instruments and stuff.  The lesson ended up with him trying to teach us instead of the other way around.

Saturday was good, we had a lot of lessons.  Nothing too crazy.  We taught the Muñoz family and they've been studying all the pamphlets and the Book of Mormon!  Just getting prepared! 

Sunday was alright, we didn't have many people come to church.  Everyone had problems and couldn't come.  Kind of a bummer but what can you do?  we only had a few lessons yesterday.  We met a new kid ALSO from the "Light of the World" but we took the "Here's the Book of Mormon, pray about it" approach to avoid contending over doctrine.  We also taught the Muñoz family about the different stuff in the church to help people endure to the end and they seemed pretty content.  

Today we played soccer and i did some souvenir shopping.  I can't believe I only have 3 weeks left.  Kind of freaks me out, but I'll staying strong.  Not getting trunky haha.  Love you all!  There's my week!

Elder Welch

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