Monday, August 3, 2015

07-28-15 to 08-03-15 Breaking in the son

So Tuesday i spent the day with Elder Ludwig and Elder Guillén going ALL over both of our areas!  Some of my new investigators are REALLY solid!  On the 28th we have a mass wedding of 7 couples, and many are investigators that will get baptized the next day!  It's gonna be SO cool!  We're gonna be working like crazy to get it all ready! 

Wednesday MY SON ARRIVED! haha!  I had to be at the offices by 9 in the morning and we got trained on how to train!  Basically a load of "what-to-dos" and "what-not-to-do's".  Then at 12oclock, we went into where the new missionaries were waiting, while they had their eyes shut, and we put our hands on their shoulders!  My comp was saying "I'M EXCITED" hahaha.  Elder Chaiña!  (pronounced: Cha een ya) He's from Puno, Peru!  He's a shy kid, but he's got lots of gains to work!  After lots more presentations and stuff, we finally got back at 5 and i gave him some time to unpack then we hit the street!  A good lesson we had was when we stopped by a less active that night.  She doesn't come to church because she's getting old and sick so it get's hard sometimes.  So we shared about how Christ suffered for all her pains and sicknesses and afflictions so she could be comforted in these times.  She cried and the spirit was really there!  Good first lesson with the son! haha!  He's really quiet but when i give him time to share his testimony, he teaches with love and the spirit.  It's rad!

Thursday was the first REAL day with Elder Chaiña!  It seemed to be kind of an unlucky day honestly haha but i kept being happy so my comp wouldnt get discouraged.  The water went out in the apartment, the atm in our area stopped working, and we got ROBBED!  HA!  When we were coming around a corner, a guy stopped us and told us to give him our change.  So i gave him all my coins, and he said he wanted more!  I didnt see because i was looking him in the eyes telling him i had nothing (which i didnt) but my comp said he lifted up his shirt to show a gun! he walked away when i insisted i had no money.  First day with my comp and he got scared straight!  It was funny honestly haha.  But man, it was a tiring day!

Friday was great!  But that morning something strange happened!  We were getting confused because the offices kept calling calling me Valle Grande 1 and the others valle grande 2 (the zone leaders told me vice a versa) so i called the assistents and i guess we were in the wrong areas!  So we had to change!  So all day the other elders came with us to my area so Elder Ludwig could teach me the area.  That night we went to the Bishops house for an appointment which was rad!  But to get there we had to walk a path between 2 red zones and a little 10 year old kid pulled a knife on my companion demanding his water bottle!  Before anything happened, the kids friend came and they walked away!   What the heck?  We were so surprised, especially for the kids age.  But man the bishop is cool.  He's super nice and we talked forever that night making plans.  He gave us assignments, offered lots of help, and even organized weekly divisions with us to go with members and learn the area quicker!  Exactly what i need honestly, im so hyped to work here. 

Saturday we walked a TON searching out old investigators from the area book.  And we were whipped!  Most of the day we just stopped by members to complete with a request from the bishop to explain fasting and to spread the word of a ward fast we did Sunday.  Something cool, is a 16 member named Julian met us in the street and just came with us to our lessons!  Without being asked!  I was sooo happy about that.  Im loving the new area. 

Sunday was pretty alright.  The ward honestly seems pretty unorganized.  They do sacrament meeting last which i find strange.  But sooo many people bore their testimonies.  I really admired that.  We went over half an hour for everyone to get a chance.  It was a good day.

Today for Pday we attempted to make cookies in the church!  We found all the ingredients, but theres no measuring cups in Colombia, so it turned out kind of awful hahaha.  What can you do.  But i'm enjoying it here!  Just getting in the habit of looking behind me and ahead of me more attentively.  I guess the missionary that died in 2013 was in my area so I'll be super careful.  I have lots of help so im not worried!  Love you all! 

Elder Welch

 The newest missionaries in the Cali Mission
and their trainers (including our own Elder Welch)

Jake and his new companion Elder Chaiña

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