Monday, August 24, 2015

8/18/15 - 8/24/15 Zone Conferences and illnesses‏

This week has been a slow one due to long conferences and illnesses! 

Tuesday was our zone conference and also Tayler's birthday!  Something funny is i remember the last one was on Tayler and Stephen's anniversary!  It was a good conference, but as always, INCREDIBLY long!  We were there at 11:15, ate Dominos for lunch (YES) and went until 8 at night!  Phew!  But we learned some cool things about obedience, speaking with faith, working as a team etc.  That night when we got back to the house, we went to get something to eat nearby and met a guy from Florida that got deported back here.  He was super cool and is basically super American now haha. 

Wednesday I had divisions with Elder Altamirano from my district.  It was a rad day!  Their area has been Rough, but we had a good day!  Something funny was there's a guy in their area that is NUTS.  Everytime he sees Elder Altamirano's companion Elder Critchlow (a gringo) he yells "HAY ESTA!  QUEMAMOS LO!" Which is to say "THERE HE IS!  BURN HIM!"  And he did the same to me!  So i guess he hates the gringos!  A spiritual experience we had was during a lesson with a new investigator, I quoted the first vision of Joseph Smith and after gave a powerful sincere testimony of it, and the spirit was SUPER strong.  I almost made the member with us cry haha.  Unfortunately the new investigators were still rough to deal with and i can tell their hearts have been hardened. 

Thursday I was WHIPPED because i slept very poorly at the other Elders house thanks to the fact that there is no pillow.  A good lesson we had was when we talked with Nai.  We read from the Book of Mormon with her, and she seems to be interested.  We hope she can keep her commitment and aread and pray.  That night we also had a little miracle of finding a "lost" inacative.  lost to say that she's not registered here.  But she said shes been thinking of coming back to the church lately.  So that was cool! 

Friday, we went and visited Jo and D, the investigators that are gonna baptize of Elder Ludwig and Elder Guillén because THEY MOVED TO OUR AREA!  inherited baptisms!  the only problem is getting D's papers so he can marry jo.  And he doesnt know where he's registered... and his mom won't say because she doesnt want athem to get married.  ALWAYS SOMETHING! 

Saturday AI woke up feeling SUPER sick from a cold.  I was sneezing like a fool.  We went out to try and work, but maybe God didnt want us to that day because everyone of our confirmed appointments blew us off.  So we went to get me some meds, agua panela, went to mission coordination and went home.  it was a arough day. 

Sunday I was starting ato feel bettaer which was nice.  And we had 5 investigators come to chuarch which was a treat!  One investigator of ours, Liz, wasn't gonna come but a member passed by without asking and brought her!  LOVE this ward!  The bishop told a really good story during sacrament meeting on his conversion.  I guess he had a bad drinking problem.  And when he was young, his little boy needed a new pair of shoes because they were poor.  When he got the money, he spent it at the bar on the way home.  As a result his wife got very angry and kicked him out.  WHile in the street, he met the missionaries, and they said God had given him a second chance.  Now here he is!  Beautiful to know how God guides us to the prepared.  Sad part of Sunday was when we walked ALL over and no one could visit.

Today i bought a new speaker because the one i brought from home is dying!  Good news is the dollar is up to 3200 pesos so now all us gringos can get everything super cheap!  WOO!  USA!  haah.  so yeah there was my week.  It was alright, just kinda slow.  But it's alright! 

PS sorry for all the A's thrown everywhere, this keyboard ahas a sticky A key. 
Love you all, stay safe! 

Elder Welch

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