Monday, August 31, 2015

08-25-15 to 08-31-15 Meet the Mormons!

This week has been super rad!  A lot better than the last which is good news!
Monday night i had a really good lesson with our investigator named El and I bore my testimony on the Book of Mormon.  He got pretty excited to read after, now we just got a way to get him a job that doesnt work on Sundays, because as a taxi driver, it's gonna be rough getting him to church!  But i see BAPTISM! 

Tuesday we had a "we sucked last week time to change" type of district meeting.  And i guess it worked because we all had better numbers this week!  I had a really good lesson that day with Nai.  We shared a lesson with her on the Plan of Salvation, and she was super receptive!  When I explained the spirit world to her, it looked like a light turned on in her eyes and she said "oh!  That makes sense!"  The spirit was truly there. 

Wednesday was rough at start because we wandered most the day, but that night was great.  We had to go to our investigator who's husband is the Catholic dude that wont let us talk .  We decided that we'd try and put a baptismal date on her, and if she didnt accept, we'd drop her.  But Lo and behold, she accepted!  19 of September!  Let's see how that goes.  The other lesson that night was with a reference from our Bishop.  We taught the Restoration, and he seemed to like it!  And he lives RIGHT in front of the church, so let's hope we can get him there haha. 

Thursday was alright.  I had divisions with Morichal 2, me with Elder Skinner, and Elder Chaiña with Elder Yanzapanta.  It was actually a really awful day work wise because they had almost NOBODY to teach.  So most the day was walking, and knocking on doors with LOTS of rejections.  It was cool though to talk with Elder Skinner because we have identical tastes in music.  That night I got to give a baptismal interview to one of their investigators whos been investigating more than 2 years.  She didnt end up passing but only for some doubts she has.  Elder Skinner was bummed about the day, he said "I feel like this is how my mom feels when people come over and the house is dirty" (referring to his area) hahaha.  But it was okay, he learned some valuable things. 

Friday we had 4 lessons which was AWESOME!   Our first lesson was a reference from the offices.  He actually recieved lessons in a town on the coast of Colombia up north, and said he'd like to get baptized!  Only problem is he is moving to a red zone in our area and that he's homosexual... but he's super great!  I hope we can get him to make some good choices!  Another cool lesson was with Nai.  Something funny is she said "FULL HD" as a way to say cool! for example: "Your shirt is full HD!" hahaha i was laughing pretty hard.  We ended up talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and how she needs to search the Book of Mormon to know if we have the authority to baptize.  She eventually got on the topic of Temples too, and said she wants to go with her family.  I wanna baptize her so bad! 

Saturday was rad, but different!  We had a HUGE stake mission activity called "Meet the Mormons" where we basically had free popcorn, soda and invited the entire world to watch the movie Meet the Mormons.  We started at 6:30 with about 150 people is all, so the entire zone hit the streets and started talking with EVERYONE!  By the end of the night we had 370 people!  It was super rad!  the assistents were stopping cars to invite them, it was hilarious hahaha.   Only thing is that out of ALL those people, i bet very few will be for Valle Grande because we live further away, but baptisms are baptisms, no matter who teaches them! 

Sunday was excellent.  We had a great ward council, because the bishop asked us what they could do to help?  We suggested daily organized divisions with priesthood holders and assignments for members to pass by for investigators to take them to church.  The bishop is happy to do it!  I'm hyped!  And we had 7 people come to church!  One of the highest in the mish!  I love it!  That night we had a FHE with the YSA kids again, and they brought a new investigator named Juan.  I shared an article on the Savior from Milton Ballard out of the December 2014 Liahona, and we all shared our testimonies of Christ.  It was great.  At the end, all the YSA kids were like " hey Juan!  You should get baptized!  How's the 12 of september?"!  hahaha!  So great.  It was a great time.  I love this ward.

Today we went to downtown Cali to see if Elder Guillen could find a speaker, but he didnt find one he wanted.  But it was a nice day to chill,  Anywho, love you all!  It's been a great week!  Also, ive been eating more fruits!  You're welcome mom ;)

Elder Welch

 It looks like the puzzle is coming along nicely :)

 We asked him for more pictures of the interesting 
bugs, food, etc.

Not sure who the friends are but Elder Welch sure is cute :)

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