Monday, August 17, 2015

08-11-15 to 08-17-15

This week has been rad! 
Tuesday was SUPER COOL!  I went in divisions with my zone leader Elder Green from Layton!  He's a super cool/fun guy, and is a legendary missionary.  We talked to a ton of people, and had some great lessons!  I kind of brought down some hammer on some less actives.  I asked if they loved God, and when they said yes i quoted from John where Christ says "If you love me, keep my commandments".  It was rad.  But i spoke to them with the spìrit and with power.  It was a spiritual day, and Elder Green and I got to be a bit better of buds.  It's nice to have zone leaders that are your friends. 

Wednesday I was whipped from Tuesday because Elder Green and I talked all night!  it was fun to see what Elder Chaiña learned from Elder Lyon.  He was being more outgoing and talking more!  I'm a proud father :') I also got my hands on a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World.  I'm using it on lots of families lately.  It's a wonderful thing to pass over if you all get the chance!

Thursday we were kind of having a hard time finding people home, but we got a killer reference from a member named Omaira.  She's feeling really lonely lately, lost her husband a ways back and has liked what she's seen in the church.  I'm just happy we can share with her the plan of salvation to help her. 

Friday was rad because we found some cool new people. One is an entire family.  The missionaries before hardly taught them, but the dad of the family had a TON of questions, all pointing to the Plan of Salvation.  It was just an intense experience to answer a TON of his questions.  They're super great.  Also, the mom said she lost a baby of 7 months old, so it was beautiful to tell her that her baby is saved and not condemned like everyone's been telling her. 

Saturday I had a super cool contacting experience!  So we were knocking on the door of a less active, and he wasnt there.  I turned around to see a lady of about 40 something years old playing with a yoyo in front of the store.  So i pulled out the yoyo mom sent me and started playing with it too and trying to do some tricks like around the world!  The lady started laughing and we went to talk with her.  She's super cool!  She agreed to let us talk to her!  Thanks mom for the yoyo hahaha. 

Sunday I was kind of bummed because we had this HUGE family all planned out to come to church and they didnt come.  We even sent a member to get them.  But i got to meet the son of the bishop sunday who just got off his mission!  his name is Sebastian and he's super rad!  He's down to go to appointments and everything with us.  So that night we went to visit the yoyo lady with him!  She is VERY prepared by the Lord.  She shared of how she's been praying to know which church she should congregate at. She's also married which is a MIRACLE in Colombia, and she said she wants a good clean organized church to go to.  We had a very spiritual lesson too.  She seemed deep in thought when we left.  It was amazing.  Just good days to be a missionary!  I've been trying to get better and using "inspired questions" lately.  To follow the spirit better to ask good effective heaven sent questions. 

Today we went to La 14 in Calima and i bought a thousand piece puzzle and we got a fan for the house!  So on p days and when we have time im gonna finish the puzzle!  Good times!  Anywho, I love you all!  have a great week!

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