Monday, August 10, 2015

08/03/15 to 08/10/15

This week has been good and productive! 
Monday night, we had a FHE with a part member family.  It was a really good time, we played lots of games (which were basically all ruined by the kids ideas they added) but they all had fun so i can't complain. 

Tuesday was really good!  That morning we had a district meeting in the chapel Americas, and it went very smoothly!  We made good plans, had good thoughts, everyone was active and I'm getting better at my role as leader as in checking in and helping everyone out.  It feels good honestly!  That night we found a family of old investigators using the area book and they said they want to keep listening and dont know why the missionaries stopped coming!  But it's been since April when they passed by.  We taught the Restoration to see what they remembered and the spirit was there very strong.  Later we talked with C and J, one of our couples thats on track to get married and baptized.  It's been a hassle to get their civil registers, but we're working on it.  Also, a return missionary of the ward that got back like a week ago came, and it was super rad.  He's like having a 3rd companion to help out!  He also showed us to like 4 or 5 families, many with non members in the house.  Rad!

Wednesday was a bit slower.  We searched for lots of people from the area book and found few.  That night the ward mission leader went with us to visit C and J, but the ward mission leader got distracted and chatted with them for a long time!  We hardly got to share anything! 

Thursday we had a good day.  With one family, a family of about 8 people, we taught the plan of salvation.  About a month ago, the one brother in the family was killed.  So they had a MOUNTAIN of questions.  But it was special to tell the mother that she can see her boy again.  We stayed a bit long, but for a good reason.  We helped resolve many doubts and questions on the matter.  Later we visited 2 members named P and An that are getting married on the 28th.  Theyve been inactive but now want to make it all right.  We made instant friends, I really like them! 

Friday a lot of people blew us off but we still had a really good day!  With our pensionista we made brownies, but since there's no pam here, we used butter with flour which just burned the bottom.  It kind of ruined them but i learned not to use butter and flour again!  That night we met with just J. and i found out something that's kind of a bummer.  Him and C. have a rough smoking problem.  So that should be a hastle!  After we met a referal from C. named Mar. and her husband Wi.  It was rough!  She wants to listen but he's a die hard catholic and hardly lets us talk!  He kept talking about prayer and the virgin!  It was frusterating." 

Saturday was pretty alright!  We had a super good zone meeting.  I LOVE our zone leaders, Elder Lyon (from my group) and Elder Green!  They're great!  I just left feeling happy and excited to work!  I also got my PACKAGE!  Thanks mom!  I enjoyed the yoyo and american deodorant a lot haha.  That night we visted every investigator we've got to invite them all to church. 

Sunday was great too!  Only let down is almost no one we invited came to church.  We even had like 6 people say YES YES WE'RE COMING that morning!  It's an ongoing frusteration of the mission.  But the members are so great and willing to help.  That night, we were in a lesson with Mar. and Wi, and a member was passing by and came in and joined us!  It was so great of him to go out of his way and take the initiative like that!  Even though it was another rough lesson thanks to Wi.  I think we'll drop him and continue with Mar. at C.'s house, because Wi doesnt hardly let us speak.  That night, we had a FHE with almost all the YSA and YM/YW from the ward. (so like 10 kids haha).  They're super rad!  We did a scripture search thing on "people in the Book of Mormon who are good examples of Enduring to the end".  afterwards, we shared what we found, discussed how we can follow their examples and how we can become great like them and receive salvation.  It was rad!  I love them all alrready!  this ward is honestly a huge blessing for me.  Im excited to see the great things we can accomplish due to their great attitudes to progress. 

Today i got my haircut and we played soccer as a zone!  Loving the life in Valle Grande!  I also didnt get robbed this week, so I'm happy about that!  Love you all!

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