Monday, May 9, 2016

05-02-16 to 05-09-16

Alright, well this week was pretty normal and better than the last week haha.  I actually was able to work and we had a lot more lessons.  The highlight was obviously SKYPING HOME.  It was my 4th and last time in the mission,  so it was kind of trunky not gonna lie.  But it was also the easiest to hang up on because the next time i see the fam will be in person.  CRAP! (I'm sure he means that in the nicest way...haha)

The best news i got for everyone is that Jul came to church her 3rd time and is all set to get baptized this week!  She's surprised us with her conversion, she really REALLY wants to get baptized.  So we're excited for her!

Love you all, and I'm glad all is well!  Sorry this letter isn't so interesting.  But hey, I skyped home yesterday. haha

Elder Welch

I wish I could remember more to tell you all from our Skype since he left you all out of the loop, haha! He did say his companion had to have another toe procedure that put them out of commission for a day last week but he's doing better. He also mentioned something about a roof caving in on them while they were visiting a members house, haha! His companion got hit on the head by a brick and was dizzy for a bit (poor kid!) but is fine. Mostly, he's just working hard and excited (and not excited) about being home in 4 1/2 months. He still has work to do but is looking forward to spending time with his family. Oh, and one thing his mom wasn't pleased to hear :/ he has been drinking the tap water almost his WHOLE MISSION! We'll see how that went for him when he gets home, haha!

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