Monday, May 16, 2016

05-09-16 to 05-16-16 Julieth's Baptism!‏

This week was a pretty good one!
Monday was awesome because  DOMINOS OPENED IN PALMIRA!  close to our house!  We're gonna have to make some budget plans to not go broke haha.  The new Zone Leader in Samanes is named Elder Weight, and he's actually from Alpine, and went to Lone Peak!  We're neighbors and high school rivals!  haha nah but we're good buddies.  It's cool to have someone that lives so close to me in Utah here. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with our investigator Nu that we haven't talked to in a while.  She's kind of hard because her mom died a few months ago and she's all depressed from it.  But after some talking, turns out she's down on the fact that her husband is an alcoholic as well.  So we made a plan of fasting, prayer and some remedies to help her husband get off alcohol. 

Wednesday was frustrating because it was the first day the sun has been out for a while, since it's been really rainy lately, and the heat hit us HARD.  I was on the point of passing out so we had to take it a bit slower that day.  We went to Cali that day for my companions toe and he's all healed thank GOODNESS so we don't have to go back to the doctors now!  Also that night, we taught Julieth her last lessons to get her ready for baptism! 

Thursday we went to Julieth's house to take her to her interview, but we were sad to find out she had left to a doctors check up and we didnt have her number to reschedule!  Thank goodness she got back, talked to Luis Carlos our pensionistas husband, and he called the zone leaders.  So they went and did it without us there. what luck!  Also that day we were walking through a neighborhood called "La Esperanza" (the hope) and we ran into some kid that knew the missionaries.  He took us to his house, and I guess his family had recently come from another part of town.  So we taught them and the mom said "the missionaries had stopped visiting, just as some problems came up in my life.  So I searched God out somewhere else, and a month ago got baptized in another church.  But it's interesting that you guys found me here!  it's like God wants me to listen!" So I automatically passed over the Book of Mormon and it's importance in our conversion and she committed to read and pray.  It was really spiritual. 

Friday we talked with Nu, and she's going well!  (the fast we are having her do isnt a fast of food because she has a blood problem.  It's a coffee fast because she said she's addicted.  muahaha sneaky Elders) She's gone 3 days without coffee!  We had a good lesson on faith and how her fast is an example of faith.  At the end of the lesson though she brought up something that surprised me. I guess she has a friend that's possessed with a devil.  I don't know why God is putting these people in my path, because that type of stuff doesnt happen every day.  But it's like those types of things are searching for me because most Elders don't even hear about this stuff and this is my 3rd time!  So Tuesday (tomorrow) she's bringing her friend to her house so we can help her.  So let's see how that goes down. 

Saturday was Julieth's baptism!  everything was going excellent!  I had the clothes, the Agenda, people invited, font full, musical number ready, baptismal record filled out etc etc, all was going GREAT!  But when 4 o'clock rolled around, Julieth wasnt showing up.  then 4:10.  4:20.  4:30.  When her aunt (member) shows up and said "Julieth is waiting for you guys to pick her up!" NOOO.  WE FORGOT TO ORGANIZE A WAY FOR HER TO GET TO THE CHAPEL!  (side note: we have to go to another chapel kinda far because there's no font in our house chapel.)  So we frantically called our Pensionista (who happens to be Julieth's cousin) and she thankfully was running late and was still in her house! So we sent her to go pick her up, and finally at 5 they all showed up.  I guess poor Julieth was sitting on her couch ALL READY dressed in white waiting for us since 3 o'clock.  I felt sooo bad!  Poor girl haha!  But they got there, and the service was really really nice.  Smooth, spiritual, and she told me she was really happy.  So I consider it a success.  No such thing as an easy baptism! 

Sunday was great at first because we had 6 people come to church, including that family we found Thursday!  But i guess there was an emergency at home and they had to leave the 3rd hour which sucks.  But i was glad to see them there.  Julieth was comfirmed but Luis Carlos, and all in all, church went really well. 

Today is my comps 20th birthday!  WOOHOO!  So we played soccer and did karaoke to celebrate. 

All is well here in Palmira!  Now the question is: what next?  Now that Julieth is baptized, we need to find someone new to work really hard with haha.  So let's see who we'll be able to find!  Love you all!

Elder Welch
I asked if transfers had happened and this was his reply:
"yeah here i am in Palmira.  A lot of the areas in the zone got shut down so now im District Leader over the 8 missionaries in the entire zone.  Distri-Zone!"

"A yummy Colombia fruit called a "Pithaya". I think it might be the 
"forbidden fruit" that Adam and Eve ate."

"My shoes are finally breaking! Woohoo!  I feel like a real missionary now!"

 Julieth's Baptism

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