Monday, May 2, 2016

04-25-16 to 05-02-16 Quarantined!‏

This week has been SUPER BORING.  We've been locked up in the house all week because
1. my comp got a super bad ingrown toenail and had to get it operated
2. I got the flu
3. My COMP got the flu.
So this is gonna be a quick letter.  Because nothing happened!  hahaha

Monday night we had a few lessons with Jul and with Ya and An.  Jul is super excited for her baptism on the 14th.  She continues to surprise us with her testimony every time we come.  Ya and An are really good, but they always go off talking and we lose control.  Its frustrating.

Tuesday is when my comps ingrown toenail started in.  It got infected and he couldnt walk without extreme pain.  So we were closed in all day. 
Wednesday we went to Cali to go to the doctors and they cut my comps toe and stuff.  He was screaming like a mad man even with anesthetics haha but he got it all fixed.  The bad news is they told us he couldnt do much walking NOR put closed toe shoes for 4 days.  So that day i left Elder Ramirez with a member and went in divisions with the zone leaders.
Thursday i did the same thing.  Bad news is I got sick.  My body was killing me and i had a 101 fever.  but i kept working! 

Friday we were closed in again because i was still sick and i couldnt take much walking anymore.
Saturday was the last day being closed up, and i was feeling antsy haha. i felt better but i didnt want any more resting! I even started drawing out of my boredom haha. 

Sunday we had a pretty good day.  the testimony meeting really lifted me up.  one sister from Buenaventura, convert of about a year bore a testimony that really helped me out.  She said "I am so so grateful for the missionaries that found me.  They changed my life forever."  To be honest, sometimes in my mission ive felt frustrated that ive only baptized 8 people.  But i realized, ive played part in changed those 8 lives forever.  2 families, 2 future missionaries, (maybe more) and not even counting the people ive found and that got baptized later on.  I feel so grateful for being able to do that.  even if other missionaries "baptize more".  Sunday we also left to have appointments.  So i felt GREAT! 
Today we went to downtown Palmira, visited the Cathedral of Palmira and took a little nap :) 
Love you all so much!  SEE YOU SUNDAY FAMILY!
Elder Welch

 Sporting his new poncho :)

 Looks like he found another cool, old camera

Not sure which elder this is... 

I'm guessing this is the ingrown toenail treatment...poor guy!

This is pretty good!
A few more sick days and he'll be a pro ;)

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