Tuesday, May 24, 2016

05-17-16 to 05-23-16 Sick... AGAIN‏

This week has been slow.  Not much happened, and as the title states, my comp got sick AGAIN!  I think it's his noobie defenses that are still weak or something haha. 

Tuesday I gave my first distri-zone meeting, and it went alright.  It's a lot more active obviously because we're 8 now instead of 4.  So we didn't end up casting out devils Tuesday because we got there, and Nu had left at like 3 (we went at 5 o'clock) so we continued on our way.  Some sad news is that Gui, our investigator with cancer isn't doing so well, and they've decided to stop trying.  He's currently quarantined in his house, and no one can visit.  Waiting for him to pass away.  I wish we had time to help him get baptized, but i'm sure he'll accept it in the spirit world.  He was a great investigator. 

Wednesday my comp started getting sick with bad joint pains which made us think that maybe he got a typical mosquito transmitted disease called Chikungunya.  So we took it pretty slow that day. 

Thursday was MOM'S BIRTHDAY!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!  I spent it resting all day because Elder Ramirez got worse.  But i took advantage of the down time to clean the house  pretty good.  That night i gave a baptismal interview for the zone leaders of a guy named Ar.  I've gotten to teach him a few times and he's gonna be a GREAT leader in the church.  An excellent guy. 

Friday was better because my comp felt better and we started to work!  We had a few appointments , mostly with less actives and recent converts.  Nothing too exciting. 

Saturday we were pretty busy because all day we were confirming church attendance.  We actually had a pretty good lesson with Nu about the restoration and receiving spiritual answers.  She's been a bit rough because when her mom died, it destroyed her.  We've tried teaching her that she'll be able to see her again, but her frustration with God makes it hard for her to accept.  But we were talking with her and she said the other night her friend was counseling her, and invited her to her Christian church.  But Nu replied, "i'm attending the Mormon church..." and her friend started to say that we dont believe in the bible nor in Jesus and she said she defended the church and explained the Book of Mormon!  So that pumped us up haha.  I see a lot of improvement in her.  We Explained that the Book of Mormon is gonna be CRITICAL in her conversion and in helping her know she'll be with her mom again. 

Sunday was pretty good at church. Elis came to church, the mom of that big family.  She seems to have desire to continue learning of the church even though her family doesn't show much interest.  That night we helped a member pull some weeds too.

Today we relaxed, drank mate and sang karaoke with some YSA members.  It was a good time! 

So lately i've been studying the Bible because i realized that i've never really read the Bible all the way.  I started from Genesis in Zarzal and right now i'm in Deuteronomy.  the Israelites drive me NUTS!  We have to be careful in the Church that we don't end up like them.  They've learned so many things, seen miracles, been instructed, felt the Spirit and yet they turned away from God and fell into their old Egyptian traditions of worshiping idols etc.  We need to remember that we've seen many miracles, felt many impressions, but the devil never sleeps.  Let's follow the prophet, and be strong!  Like Joshua and Caleb! 
love you all, have an excellent week!

Elder Welch

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