Monday, May 30, 2016

05-24-16 to 05-30-16‏

This week has been alright, just a bit slow. 

Tuesday we had our district meeting and talked about how obedience and having the Spirit with us are related.  It was an alright district meeting, nothing too crazy.  We also signed up Julieth for institutes which she's pretty excited about.  Something cool is i guess Jhon Largacha, our pensionista's son is our new branch mission leader!  Woohoo! 

Wednesday we talked a lot about family history.  The branch is planning a temple trip for this year so we're helping everyone get names ready.

Thursday was super rad because we found quite a few new investigators!  The day actually started out slow and it was HOT so we were pretty stressed.  But at 5, a member named Melissa took us to one of her mom's friends.  She's a pretty normal lady, but she's worried about her son JP.  She's afraid he doesnt have much direction in his life. (he's 20 years old). The other was a new family from Medellin.  They were a reference from the church offices and I guess the mom had attended the Church like 21 years ago.  She is SUPER interested in listening to us.  So we ended the day pretty happy!

Friday we spent most the day doing baptismal interviews for the missionaries in a nearby village called Cerrito.  It's like a half an hour bus ride from Palmira, so just the trip was an hour and it took a couple more hours to get all the investigators interviewed.  Good news is they all passed!

Saturday we had the baptism of the other Elders.  It was POURING rain all day, and we were worried about people being able to come.  our fears were realized when 6 o'clock rolled around, the hour of the service, and only us missionaries were there.  Something cool is the missionaries in Bizerta (where we had the baptismal service) is Elder Skinner, my buddy from Cali and his comp!  It was cool to catch up with him.  But the rain wasnt stopping.  until 7 o'clock came and Arley, the guy getting baptized finally showed up.  Then the 1st counselor, his wife and his son.  So we had enough to make the service work. It turned out really nicely. Even though we were few in number, it was very spiritual.  The Lord will always make due with what we have! 

Sunday was a really good day.  I felt the Spirit extra strong in church.  Ive just been reflecting on what the mission has done for me.  Ive changed in all the good ways haha.  Im just really grateful.  After church, we found Li, the lady who came to church a couple weeks ago with all her kids.  She moved to another neighborhood closer to our house.  But she's not doing so well.  Her kids are going off the deep end.  It's sad to see how it's killing Li  and she cant do much because she's divorced and the kids live with the dad who doesnt supervise them.  A parent's nightmare.  But we're trying to help. 

Today i went to the town square with Jhon Jairo, our pensionista's son, and his cousin Mayra. 

So yeah, that was my week haha nothing too crazy but we're fighting to stay busy.  Love you all!
It looks like he finally was able to have a little fun on P-day in Palmira. He gave descriptions for a few pictures. The rest are pretty self explanatory :)

 "What I do every Sunday :)"

"Drinking Mate in the street, haha"

" The cathedral of Palmira from far away"

"Pigeons" :)

 "Me at the Cathedral de Nuestra Señora de Palmar"

No description with this one but I'm guessing he 
wanted birds to land on his head...haha! 

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